Last Minute Travel from Canada

If you need to cut your trip to Canada short and return immediately to the US, here are a couple of travel tips to get you safely past the borders.

Interview and Inspection
When you get to the borders, a CBP officer may be there to ask you a couple of questions. These are simple to answer such as your citizenship, the items you are taking back to the US, and the nature and duration of your trip.

To expedite this procedure, it’s best to make a list of the dutiable items you have with you and place all of them together in a single bag or package. If you have a considerable number of dutiable items with you, the CBP officer may have you fill out a Declaration form.

Your luggage and whatever else you have with you may be subject to inspection. This, however, will only take minutes to complete with your full cooperation.

Passport Requirements for Traveling from Canada
Even if you’re a full-fledged American citizen, coming back to the US will still require you to show your passport and perhaps other similar documents for re-entry.

Dos and Don’ts for Items You Can Take Back Home
The greatest problems you could encounter when traveling from Canada and back to the US are ensuring that all items you’ve with you can cross the borders with the rest of your luggage. Last-minute travel plans usually involve whirlwind preparations but for the sake of expediency, it’s best that you take absolute care when you’re packing items.

Be organized.
Categorize items according to their source or method of purchase. Use separate packaging for items you intend to use in business, items you’ve purchased for people back home, items you’ve had repaired or altered in Canada, items you’ve purchased in duty-free shops and similar establishments, and items or assets you’ve inherited or received as gifts.

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Keep documented proof.
Always have the receipts with you. This is to prove that none of them have been stolen or acquired in any unlawful means. Receipts could also be used to show that you are entitled to tax exemptions and other incentives.

Register in advance.
If you have items with you prior to leaving for Canada and you’re taking them back home with you, it’s important that you have them registered in advance, or prior to leaving the US, with the Customs and Border Protection.

Without proper registration, you might have to pay duty for these items even if you’re not obligated to do so. Such items are usually valuable in nature like jewelry, equipment, laptops, and the likes.

If you didn’t get to register them before entering Canada, don’t worry because you have one more way of avoiding paying duties for them. If you can furnish any documented proof of ownership as well as proof that you had them with you prior to entering Canada, you may then pass the borders safely without having any duties levied on the specified items.

There’s nothing unlawful about having a lot of money with you when you travel from Canada, but if you have over $10,000 with you then you need to register the amount with the CBP and fill out their Currency Reporting form.

Has your last minute travel plans to Canada gifted you with a new furry friend? If so, make sure you get the CBP’s Pets and Wildlife brochure to know what requirements you have to comply with in order to return home with your new pet.

Hopefully, these quick tips can make your travel from Canada to US safe and hassle-free.

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